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Mama-Cares (Natural Calcium Cleaner)

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Mama-Cares Natural Calcium Cleaner is a food additive product that has met the standard of FDA safety testing and guideline for human.It is a 100% natural, fast and effective fruits and vegetables cleaner for removing pesticide residue and 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Mama-Cares bringing you the next generation family healthcare products.

Mama-Cares Natural Fruits and Vegetables Cleaner (ionized calcium) to protect the family members from harmful chemical substances such as pesticides residue, wax, artificial agents and bacteria that often presented on the fresh foods. We think keeping the fruits and vegetables as clean as possible is truly important. Simply because what we consume will become part of our body, it is particularly true for children who aged under 12 where over consumption of chemical substances from foods will certain impacting on their physical and mental development. 

The source of this powerful product (Mama-Cares) is originated from the ark seashell. It contains only 100% natural source of ingredient where the manufacturing processes was only utilizing physical methods and without any chemical treatment involved. The powder form makes it easy for people to use and travel, more importantly the quality and freshness of the product is essentially easier to maintain after open as compare to old-fashioned liquid form cleaner which often packed with chemicals. On the side note, the seashell calcium in Mama-Cares is so safe that it has been classified as food addictive. If you consume it by accident, don’t worry you will be fine.

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