Mama-Cares Pouch (Activated Nano-Molecular Marine Calcium)

Mama-Cares (Activated Nano-Molecular Marine Calcium)

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How To DIY 100% Natural Sanitizer Using Mama-Cares?

  1. Add about 1g of Mama-Cares into 1L of water by shaking the bottle for 1 time

  2. Mix well

  3. Pour into any spraying bottle and there you go for a 100% natural sanitizer!

** Shake the DIY sanitizer before spraying to any surface to ensure Mama-Cares is spread evenly in the solution, giving you the maximum protection in each spray

How To Use This DIY Sanitizer?

Spray as required on any surfaces or objects then wipe with clean cloth/ tissue. No rinsing required.

Can be used as hand sanitizer and also sanitizer for ANY surface! 

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