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The iHA is a very specific compound (peptide) within the egg yolk. And because we’re using a target-specific extraction technique to isolate the iHA, we can then safely ensure that the iHA is free from cholesterol or any traces of unwanted fatty acid.
iHA is derived from the eggs by using a very unique technique that ready to be synthesised by the body. It has been formulated into a specific dose to provide the greatest benefit for our joint health. Consuming eggs may only have insignificant effects compared to what iHA is able to perform.
Unlike others joint care products which mostly targeting on temporary relief of joint pain symptom. Tamagosamin, however, offers a long-term solution that focuses on overcome biological limitation by restoring the cartilage cells proliferation capacity. According to previous data (in Japan), the average Tamagosamin users would stop or reduce the recommended doses (i.e. from 3 to 2 or 1) after 9-12 months period. This data suggests that Tamagosamin is able to provide a long-term solution for people who face joint pain problem, particularly the Osteoarthritis.
The active ingredients used in Tamagosamin are extracted from eggs and crustacean shell. Because we’re not certain to what extend you would define vegetarianism, we will let you be the judge of that.
iHA is derived from the eggs by using a very unique technique that ready to be synthesised by the body. It has been formulated into a specific dose to provide the greatest benefit for our joint health. Consuming eggs may only have insignificant effects compared to what iHA is able to perform.
Tamagosamin has been in the market for 3 years now, we've yet to receive report on the side effect of Tamagosamin (Glucosamine and chondroitin) of interaction with Warfarin. We will recommend you to seek medical professional advice in this matter, although most research has concluded it's unlikely to have an effect, but it could potentially increase bleeding if occurred.
Yes, It's completely fine for you to take Tamagosamin. In fact, it's better for you to take it to maintain healthy level of your joints. The injection will soon be worn out as your body already lost the ability to repair the damage cells as what you previously experienced. If you take Tamagosamin for long-term, it will continuously help you to induce the cartilage cells restoration, the chances are you will not be needing any injections in coming future.
The positive reaction on you knee shows that Tamagosamin is responding well on your condition, although pain will still occur occasionally during the course of treatment. We recommend you continue to take the Tamagosamin as its natural based ingredient requires time to repair and restore the damage cells.
It's perfectly safe for Tamagosamin to be consumed with other medication. As long they don't have allergic to seafood protein.
You can take it with calcium, it will help to keeping your bones (density) healthy. Apart from iHA, Tamagosamin is also packed with N- acetylglucosamine, chondroitin and type II collagen, it has been formulated for body daily need. In this case, there is no need to over consume it, although there is reported harm if one over consume.
Tamagosamin should be safe for you since it doesn't contain any high phosphorus or sodium ingredient in the ingredient. If you still concern, you can always consult medical professional.
Preventing from TKR is our ultimate goal. Generally, a person should able to avoid TKR if they treated the OA symptom earlier. We've some customer already scheduled for TRK, so far the results are promising.
Yes, Tamagosamin is friendly for diabetic patient.
Unfortunately, Tamagosamin is not formulated for Gout symptom. Apologise we can't be much help in this case.
The severe pain is possibly caused by bones rubbing each others around the joint as a result of cushion/cartilage worn out. The operation can only give temporary solution, once the replaced cushion worn out, the pain will come back as the ability of cartilage restoration in your body has declined. Tamagosamin has been formulated to tackle this issue, it helps your body to regain the repair function by reproducing HA (cushion) around your joints. It will take time for your body to repair the damage cells, but most people will feel the pain lessen in about 2 weeks. Our records show most people with OA condition will reduce their Tamagosamin doses from 3 tablets to 2 tablets daily after 9-12 months to maintain their healthy joints.
Tamagosamin is specifically designed to target Osteoarthritis (OA) symptom which also a degenerative disease, whereas the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease which currently don't have much effective solution for the symptom. However, a few recent studies reviewed that N-acetylglucosamin (NAG) may seem to be effective in lessen and delay RA condition. Tamagosamin is packed with 400mg NAG, a few customers have bought it and tried, we're yet to receive the reviews from them. You're welcome try as well, but we can't guarantee the result just yet.
Yes, you certainly can try on Tamagosamin as an alternative option before the last resort - surgery. For serious OA condition, we would recommend to take 4 tablets, instead of the recommended intake of 3 tablets. You should feel the different after 14 days, and significant improvement after 2 months. The fact that you're experiencing OA is that your body has lost the ability to repair damage cartilage, iHA in Tamagosamin is specially formulated to induce the cartilage cells reproduction. It will be a long process as Tamagosamin is formulated based on natural ingredients, but it's a relatively comfortable option compared to surgery.
Knee damage is a fairly broad term for us to make justification. However, if Dr. recommended glucosamine, you probably experiencing initial stage of Osteoarthritis (OA). OA condition occurs with increased of age as well as people who perform regular vigorous activities such as sport persons. The occurrence of OA is due to the speed of damage cartilage cells faster than the cells repairing. Tamagosamin is effective for OA condition not only it provides basic building blocks for cartilage cells (N-actelyglucosamine, Chondroitin and Type II collagen) but more importantly the active ingredient iHA help to induce the production of cartilage cells (joint cushion) in which the function that has declined with age.
If it's cartilage cells, Tamagosamin will definitely help. The active ingredient iHA is specifically formulated to induce the production of cartilage cells.
Tamagosamin is perfectly fine for a diabetic and hypertension person to consume. It has no impact on these symptoms.
Tamagosamin will not side effect on gastric. The ingredients are mild and natural based.
If the back pain is caused by systematic pain from any joints then Tamagosamin would help. If it's general back pain, we afraid it won't help.
Yes. Tamagosamin is supplement for knee Joint pain and other back bone joints as well. As long as it is caused by Osteoarthritis will do.
There is no adverse side effect being documented. We only advise people who have seafood protein allergic to take precaution, it might contains seafood protein traces since part of the ingredient is extracted from sea shell.
We have no reported cases of acid reflux after taking Tamagosamin even before food. If you really concern, you could try one tablet before food first, then two tablets after food. Increase the doses on the next day if it's okay for you on the first day. We would also suggest you to seek for medical professional advises if you have specific concern that we're not known.
The effectiveness of Tamagosamin has been scientifically proven and clinically tested, and acknowledged by more than 60k regular customers from Japan (increasing) and gradually in our region.
Tamagosamin is suitable for most age groups. But we do not recommend it for children as it's in tablet form
Tamagosamin is in small tablets form (300mg per tablet)
It is very mild sweetness in taste.
Tamagosamin is formulated based on natural ingredients, it should be safe for breastfed mum. Should you have any concerns, we would recommend to seek for medical professional advices.


30 sachets in total.
It will depend on your current skin condition, if you already have a fairly good skin, one sachet will be sufficient to further refine your skin tone. For max effectiveness, we recommend 2 sachets a day for first month, or until you have achieved your desired outcome before reduce it to once a day.
There is no documented side effect so far as the ingredients are natural based (unless you've specific allergic that we don't know of).
It would be 100mg of Cerepron in each sachet.