Iyashino's science partner Pharma Foods International Co., Ltd., a public listed company in Japan.

In a world where good health is becoming scarce, the need for natural sustainable solutions becomes ever more pressing. Recognizing this saw the birth of IYASHINO where nature’s own healing solutions are enhanced further with today’s biomedical and technology science, resulting in a more effective approach towards the betterment of our health well-being. In translation, IYASHINO also means ‘healing’ in Japanese.

Iyashino group is a leading specialist in branding and providing health & functional food. Iyashino’s science partner is coming from Japan, Korea, USA, China and Taiwan that specializes in the nutraceuticals & health supplement industry. Our product ingredients are sourced locally as well internationally with the emphasis placed on quality and effectiveness, a result of years of extensive scientific research and clinical studies.

At Iyashino, we believe that everyone has a right to access quality healthcare solutions through the borderless online space. Our constant improvisation in research enables us to translating sciences into care and continues to give the best from nature for consumers.




Improve billions’ health for happier and meaningful life.

Make our team proud, full of love and satisfaction.

Translating Science Into Care For People In Need

Natural Based, Scientifically Driven

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