RUTINA - Eye Vitamin for Brighter Vision

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RUTINA - Eye Vitamin for Brighter Vision

Buy RUTINA Brigthens Lives

For every RUTINA box bought, you are donating RM 5 to the Malaysia Blind Association! (MAB)

RUTINA  - Regain Clearer Vision in 30 days

Description: Rutina is in its wholefood form which consists of patented MytiPro® Wild Organic Bilberry Extract & Rutina® Juniper Berry Extract. It is the First & Only Eye Care formula which uses Juniper Berry Extract in Eouth East Asia. RUTINA is rich in VITAMIN P (Bioflavonoid known as RUTIN) which helps to strengthen tiny blood vessel around the eye and brain. The antioxidant capacity of Rutin is 50 times of Vitamin E & 20 times of Vitamin C. RUTINA is formulated by cutting edge technology Natural Protein Peptide Delivery System (NDS) which deliver essential nutrients to specific cells according to cells' needs. 

-      Effectively Repairs eye muscle damage due to excessive blue light expossure
-      Protects Retina ; Delays Eye Aging 
-      Improves Night Vision; Reduces Eye Dryness    
-      Clinically - proven to improve vision in 4 weeks. 

Active Ingredients: MytiPro® Wild Organic Bilberry Extract , Rutina® Juniper Berry Extract

Content: 3.5g x 30 sachets 

Recommended daily intake: 1 sachet per day 





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